Informatica Joins Capgemini and Pivotal in Business Data Lake Ecosystem

Informatica, a data management company, is collaborating with two major big data players – Capgemini and Pivotal – on a data lake solution. As part of the Business Data Lake ecosystem developed by Capgemini and Pivotal, Informatica will deliver certified technologies for data integration, data quality and master data management (MDM), in combination with Pivotal’s advanced big data, analytics and application software, and Capgemini’s industry and implementation expertise.

The Business Data Lake from Informatica, Capgemini and Pivotal aims to tackle issues including big data validation, to provide a real-time, unified approach to information management, giving companies a quick and secure way to consolidate and view practically unlimited amounts of data in any format, and find hidden value in unstructured data to turn it into actionable insights. According to the vendors, the Business Data Lake is in response to market needs, where businesses are looking to new, cost-effective enterprise data management platforms to gain more value from unstructured data and access real-time analytics to drive next generation applications. This is becoming ever more critical as companies look to drive new services and develop new revenue streams through data-driven business insights. Current big data solutions face limitations and are not comprehensive enough to support the data pipelines and real-time capabilities required for operational systems and often do not meet the required levels of data governance, quality and security. The Business Data Lake addresses these issues and helps businesses leverage their data in a way that makes sense, from both an individual and business perspective, rather than just a single enterprise view.

“To successfully implement a Business Data Lake, companies need to operationalize the entire data pipeline that distills raw data into high quality information,” said Amit Walia, senior vice president and general manager, Data Integration and Data Security, Informatica. “We’re excited to be part of the Capgemini and Pivotal Business Data Lake Ecosystem. Informatica accelerates and simplifies the data integration and data governance process, so the business has rapid access to actionable insights.”

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