Informatica Launches ‘Intelligent’ Data Lake Approach

Informatica has launched an end-to-end solution to help customers gain greater insight from big data.

The company has introduced the Informatica Intelligent Data Lake as part of Big Data Management v10.1 to enable data scientists and other business users to find, prepare, and protect data for analysis in a collaborative way that allows businesses to make decisions even faster, with managed self-service.

According to Informatica, the new approach is aimed at providing a solution to "shadow IT" - the common scenario of business users being reliant on IT to access data for decision making, and IT being reliant on manual, labor-intensive approaches to integrate, govern, and secure data in a fragmented technology ecosystem, which leads to business users opting for their own data preparation tools, which may inadvertently lead to new silos as well as security and compliance risks.

This new approach is intended to solve the problem by balancing self-service with governance, says Informatica.  The Informatica Intelligent Data Lake bridges the business and IT gaps by providing managed self-service for business with IT governance, including the ability to find and access any data centrally and discover data relationships. Additionally, the Informatica solution prepares, catalogs, and shares relevant data to derive and operationalize trusted business insights.

“Today, Informatica is putting the ‘intelligent’ into data lakes,” said Amit Walia, executive vice president and chief product officer, Informatica. “Customers from around the globe are awash in data – marketing data, application data, social data, and beyond. This data resides in vast and deep data lakes, and in order for organizations to gain maximum value from these data lakes, Informatica is providing the unique insights the companies are craving to make sense of the data. For years, Informatica has been delivering unique data offerings and now we are bringing these insights and capabilities to the ever proliferating data lakes.”

Providing an end-to-end data management solution for big data initiatives, the Informatica Big Data Management Platform includes capabilities for data ingestion, cleansing, transformation, matching, blending, governance, security and delivery. 

In addition, Informatica Big Data Management extends support for Spark, and safe-guards organizations’ future requirements by adding support for environments such as Amazon Web Services Elastic MapReduce and Microsoft Azure HDInsight.

To learn more about Informatica Big Data Management, register for a webinar on the new solution here. Informatica Big Data Management v10.1 will be available in Q2 via subscription. For further information, visit