Informatica Launches Comprehensive, Integrated Platform for Big Data Management

Informatica has announced  a new big data management solution called Informatica Big Data Management that brings together big data Integration, big data quality and governance, and big data security in a single integrated solution. According to the vendor, while more than 67% of enterprises see the big opportunity in big data, the majority of big data projects fail. The new Informatica solution aims to help organizations more effectively overcome the data management challenges that are often at the root of big data project failures. In addition, Informatica Big Data Management is also designed to reduce the need for hand-coding and big data skill sets that are expensive and hard to come by.

In September, Informatica introduced the Informatica Big Data Management framework, a comprehensive approach to managing all things big data, encompassing the three data management pillars: data integration, data quality and governance, and data security. Informatica Big Data Management delivers the technologies and capabilities to execute on this comprehensive framework and drive big data success.

 “Big data represents the next frontier of competitive differentiation, superior customer experiences and business innovation,” said Anil Chakravarthy, acting chief executive officer, Informatica.  “From driving rapid project implementations to ensuring confidence in the data and the safety of sensitive information, Informatica Big Data Management empowers business and IT leadership with unparalleled automation, pre-built tools and optimized capabilities. This allows for quick experimentation and seamless, mission-critical production deployments that deliver maximum business value from big data.”

Big Data Management Has Three Integrated Components

  1. Dynamic, At-Scale Big Data Integration
    Informatica Big Data Integration enables organizations to ingest data nearly instantly, with universal connectivity and high throughput, low latency data integration; process everything with out of the box scalable processing, automated data integration processes and visual graphical development; and deploy optimally with wizards and mapping templates, dynamic schema support, and optimized engines for maximum performance and resource utilization. 
  2. Holistic Big Data Quality and Governance
    Informatica Big Data Quality and Governance offers organizations collaborative stewardship to support IT and business collaboration  and data profiling and discovery, as well as 360 degree insight into relationships across big data environments, and a universal metadata catalog and knowledge graph to search, discover and understand enterprise data, leveraging Spark for at-scale fast knowledge graph creation; and confidence in data with scalable data quality processes, and comprehensive auditing and analysis.
  3. Risk-Centric Big Data Security
    Informatica Big Data Security provides organizations with visibility into who has access to sensitive data, who is actually accessing it, whether it is protected and where it is proliferating, including tracing data flows, lineage and history, as well as identification of sensitive data by geography, function and ranking attributes; risk analytics with risk scoring and sensitive data discovery, and active alterting; and policy based protection.

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