Informatica Releases Support for Spark 2.0

Informatica is now offering full support for Spark 2.0, allowing customers the flexibility to tap into whatever Spark version they desire.

“Spark is a leading technology that really empowers the processing at scale and processing at lower latency,” said Ronen Schwartz, SVP of Data and Integration at Informatica. “Spark 1.0 has certain limitations that prevented customers from getting the full benefit of scale so Informatica decided to put investments in Spark 2.0.”

Customers don’t need to change anything within their architecture, they can automatically leverage Spark 2.0. This gives users the choice to run data management jobs in Spark 1.0 and beyond.

“This is something very, very significant for the customer,” Schwartz said. “This gives the customer flexibility to choose the right engine for the right task, to chose the latency that is needed.”

Informatica is also able to allow users to adopt changes quickly without having to rework anything, Schwartz explained.

Customers that want to be on the front end of the digital transformation, that want to challenge the status quo in their industry, or want to push data requirements to new areas will benefit the most from this integration, according to Schwartz.

Processing data fast, in real-time as well as in batch and democratizing data are several areas Informatica will focus on in the future, Schwartz said.

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