Informatica Rev Expands Self-Service Analytics for Business Users

Informatica has broadened its partnership with Tableau Software, a provider of business analytics software, to expand the reach of Informatica Rev, a cloud data preparation product.

The expansion of the Informatica and Tableau relationship is intended to provide better self-service analytics for non-technical business users.

Informatica Rev, formerly codenamed Project Springbok, was made generally available on September 30, 2014. The latest release offers new capabilities for business users to simply merge data from multiple sources, including spreadsheets, and prepare it for analysis.

Business users typically spend 80% of their time putting data together and only 20% analyzing their data because they are not able to properly use their BI tools, according to Keyur Desai, Informatica’s vice president of strategy. This often leads them to ask for help from the IT department, slowing down the process. Informatica Rev aims to flip the ratio, with the goal of enabling business users to spend 80% of the time analyzing the data and only 20% of time putting the data together.

Key features offered by Informatica Rev include the “Automatic Data Suggestion,” which suggests logical structures for the user’s data. For example, when Informatica Rev detects there are dates within the data it will suggest different ways to group them.

Informatica Rev also supports social collaboration, enabling a member of a team of business users to share pertinent information concerning the data with fellow business users easily. And because, traditionally, IT has been reactive to the problems of the business user, Informatica Rev offers “Permutation Management,” which allows IT to have a transparent view of the business user’s data from a logic standpoint and to also to provide functionality explanation on the logic.

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