Informatica Takes Data-Centric Approach to Information Security

Informatica, an independent provider of data integration software, has released a new tool aimed at taking a data-centric approach to information security by empowering organizations to identify and visualize sensitive data wherever it resides, inside or outside the corporate perimeter.

“Organizations are trying to protect data and we know that malware is in your organization before you even find out," said Amit Walia, Informatica’s senior vice president and general manager for data integration and security.

Because of this proliferation, he explained, Informatica looked at the opportunity to improve the wall of protection around data – creating a new category in the world of security called Data Security Intelligence.

“That brings the data security intelligence offering that we are bringing to the market,” Walia said. “Security focused on logs, bits and bytes, not on data and that is the genesis of the current feelings from customers and lack of any offering that understands and solves the data problems.”

The new tool, Informatica Secure@Source, will be available at the end of April, oenabling organizations to improve their data breach resiliency and achievement of global privacy and audit initiatives.

Secure@Source will address a plethora of security challenges that arise from massive enterprise data growth and proliferation beyond the corporate firewall to public and private clouds, mobile devices, outsourced and off-shore resources and big data analytics platforms.

Secure@Source will enhance traditional network and host-based security by identifying and analyzing sensitive data so that data security can be applied to help combat data theft from internal or external sources.

The goal is to  provide companies with automated capabilities, an easy-to-use graphical interface, and a dashboard and reporting environment for enterprise-wide assessment of sensitive data risks, sensitive data classification and discovery, sensitive data proliferation analysis, and policy based alerting.

“We’ve built this as a very open platform where we will not only be able to integrate with other security products within an organization but we will also be able to bring intelligence from other existing security products,” Walia said.

The new platform is exptected to benefit companies within the financial services, healthcare industry, retail, as well as government and public sectors.

“Those are the ones that are obviously most ripe because of the volume and proliferation of data, their compliance and risks are highest,” Walia said. “They are the most at the pinpoint of a data sensitivity risk.”

For more information, visit the Informatica Secure@Source Data Sheet.