Informatica Unveils Cloud Summer 2013, Extending SAP Integration

Informatica Corporation, a provider of data integration software, has introduced Informatica Cloud Summer 2013, the latest release of its cloud-based integration and data management software as a service (SaaS) solutions. Cloud Summer 2013 features the new Informatica Cloud SAP Connector, new Informatica Cloud Extend capabilities, new cloud connectors and integration templates, as well as general availability of the Informatica Cloud Data Masking service.

With this release, native SAP connectivity is enabled via the Informatica Cloud SAP Connector. Users can easily extract data from SAP ERP Central Component implementations, browse SAP metadata with business descriptions in the cloud, and leverage new SAP Table Reader and Writer connectivity. “You can natively access the SAP ERP system either within a source or a target; you can display the business and technical names and browse the SAP object repository. It’s very easy for an end user to get access to that system for their integration requirements,” Darren Cunningham, Informatica vice president of marketing, tells 5 Minute Briefing. Additional Cloud SAP integration features include SAP HANA connectivity via ODBC and enhanced SAP support for Cloud Integration Templates.

In addition, Informatica Cloud Extend provides customers with business process automation capabilities by enabling non-programmers to create and publish “guides” that are users within Salesforce. “A guide can be right within a lead record or in an opportunity right where the sales or support or marketing manager is working. You can walk them through a workflow step-by-step and it makes sure you’re keeping your users efficient and effective,” Cunningham explains. Mobile capabilities have been expanded, and guide execution reports in Salesforce, as well as themes, are customizable.

Informatica Cloud MDM for provides support for multi-type/multi-source/multi-dimensional hierarchies to aid the visualization and tracking of different business interactions and entities. The expanded support means Salesforce customers are better able to collaborate on customer interactions, manage territories and leverage pre-built hierarchies from third-party data providers and their own systems to reveal cross-sell/upsell or white space opportunities. And finally, Informatica Cloud Data Masking, new for the Cloud Summer 2013 release, is a SaaS solution for protecting data privacy in application development and test environments. Additionally, new Informatica Cloud connectors and integration templates are available on the Informatica Marketplace.

Informatica Cloud Summer 2013 solutions are available now. To learn more about the release visit