Informatica Unveils PowerCenter Big Data Edition

Informatica Corporation has introduced Informatica PowerCenter Big Data Edition, a solution for organizations supplementing transactional data with social, mobile, cloud and machine data at high velocity, volume and variety. PowerCenter Big Data Edition works with emerging technologies like Hadoop as well as traditional data management infrastructure to leverage organizations’ big data while reducing costs and risks.

Informatica PowerCenter Big Data Edition can reduce the costs of big data projects involving new technologies such as Hadoop. “Half of the equation for return on data is, ‘How do I generate new revenue?’ and the other half is ‘How do I reduce my costs?’; we are addressing both of those with this release,” Todd Goldman, Informatica’s vice president and general manager for enterprise data integration, tells 5 Minute Briefing. High-speed data ingestion and extraction, a no-code development environment, virtual data machine, and comprehensive ETL on Hadoop make PowerCenter Big Data Edition an easy on-ramp to new technologies like Hadoop.

Informatica’s latest solution minimizes the risks associated with implementing new technologies while simultaneously reducing the costs of managing big data. “It’s a single development environment with a virtual data machine that makes it possible for our customers to ‘build once, deploy anywhere,’” Goldman explains. As data continues to grow exponentially in volume and complexity, PowerCenter Big Data Edition will help customers tackle this ever-growing challenge.

Informatica PowerCenter Big Data Edition will be generally available in December 2012. Visit to learn more.