Informatica acquires Compact Solutions, Enhancing its Metadata Management Abilities

Informatica, an enterprise cloud data management provider, is acquring Compact Solutions LLC, expanding metadata management capabilities for the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform, powered by the CLAIRE AI engine.

The acquisition strengthens Informatica’s abilities in metadata-driven AI and automation and extends capabilities that enable Informatica customers to catalog and govern virtually all types of enterprise data, including complex enterprise systems (e.g. mainframe), multi-vendor ETL, hand-coded scripts, and BI tools, in addition to databases, applications, data warehouses, and data lakes.

Using Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog with the advanced metadata connectivity from Compact Solutions accelerates analytics, data governance, privacy, and data warehouse modernization initiatives by understanding and prioritizing all data and how it should be processed and migrated.

“In today’s environment, companies are being forced to achieve digital transformation far faster than they ever planned or anticipated. As such, Chief Data Officers need AI-powered data governance tools to simplify the entire process of managing, cataloging and governing data so they can be successful,” said Amit Walia, CEO of Informatica. “This acquisition will further extend and accelerate Informatica’s leadership in metadata-driven AI and automation, and support our strategy to deliver on Data 4.0 for today’s CDOs, helping them not only survive, but thrive in the rapidly changing business landscape today.”

The acquired advanced scanners, formerly known as Compact Solutions MetaDex, now a part of Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog, will enable enterprises to scan and ingest more enterprise metadata into Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog using Compact Solutions' advanced code parsing capabilities.

This additional metadata enables a more complete, detailed and automated data lineage view for enterprise data assets, virtually eliminating any “black boxes”. The additional enterprise data assets can now be governed per corporate policies and industry regulations (e.g. GDPR, CCPA) with Informatica Axon Data Governance.

Compact Solutions was founded in 2003 with engineering operations in Krakow, Poland. The company has focused on automated solutions for data governance in complex enterprises, enabling organizations worldwide to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

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