Information Builders Launches ‘First’ Mainframe Business Intelligence Platform

Information Builders (IBI), a provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions, announced support for IBM System z/OS computer Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) in Focus 7.6.10 and WebFocus 7.7. Information Builders says that its zIIP chip support represents the first and only BI platform optimized for the mainframe environment.

"Information Builders is dedicated to helping customers enhance value and optimize their BI deployments," says Information Builders founder and CEO Gerald Cohen. "By extending Focus and Web Focus to support the zIIP chip, we have dramatically recalculated the economics of mainframe business intelligence. Finally, business intelligence applications can leverage the genius of the zIIP environment without compromising accessibility or performance."

Using the IBM authorized and licensed API for zIIP engines, IBI will not charge for its software running on zIIP, minimizing the costs of workloads. The zIIP chip was designed to handle the workloads of Business Intelligence, and other data intensive applications. Specialized mainframe processors like the zIIP allow users to offload work that might otherwise run on the mainframe's general-purpose chips.

For mainframe operations that need to drive greater value and performance, Information Builders has optimized FOCUS and WebFOCUS for the zIIP environment. The new versions perform the same mission-critical tasks, while maximizing processing power and reducing execution and response times, as well as delivering consistent application performance and solid customer service. By enabling efficient BI operations on the mainframe, Information Builders gives customers real-time, dynamic reporting with enough processing power to deliver large customer-facing applications, without incurring extra costs for setting up infrastructure or buying new machines or databases.

For more details, visit the Information Builders website.