Information Builders Rebrands as ibi

Information Builders, Inc., an end-to-end data and analytics company, has unveiled its new company vision and branding as “ibi.”

The new ibi was announced by CEO Frank Vella to more than 2,500 attendees at the company's virtual conference.

“As the world around us changes, ibi is evolving to ensure we are everything an enterprise demands when it comes to the rapidly changing relationship between data and your business,” said Vella. “We’re on a mission to prepare organizations for the future by turning them into information builders.”

According to Vella, “At ibi, we always lead with the power of data and analytics and the impact it can have—that’s how we help our customers make the best possible decisions. Our continuing focus is on combining different data sets, enabling more comprehensive insights, and on solving the quality challenges around all the data. With ibi, you can now embed intelligence into everything—your applications, processes, and portals. You also can leverage our augmented analytics capabilities that include Cloud, AI, ML, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. With our proven technology, automation and open platform innovation, and the new solutions we’re announcing today, organizations can now more effectively access, master, and govern trusted data.”

In keeping with ibi’s mission, Keith Kohl, senior vice president, product management, and Eric Raab, senior vice president, engineering, have introduced new innovations including:

  • Automated Insights leveraging AI and ML to explore data and give users a faster and easier way to discover insights on their data
  • Open Data Visualizations connecting additional data sources, file formats, and applications in real time with third-party visualization tools, using ibi’s Open Data Platform, giving users across the organization scalability and flexibility in rapid data access to accelerate decision making
  • Omni-HealthData Cloud Essentials offering a new, enterprise-class data and analytics solution that enables mid-market providers to successfully adapt to the shift towards value-based care, leveraging patient data that lies untapped within their organization
  • An ASG technology partnership providing integration between ibi’s data and analytics products and ASG’s Data Intelligence solution for monitoring the quality of data that provides key business metrics and data lineage in dashboards and reports, supporting data governance initiatives

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