Information Builders Updates its WebFOCUS BI Platform

Information Builders, a provider of business intelligence (BI) and analytics, information integrity, and data integration solutions, is releasing three editions of its platform, allowing users to gain reporting and analytics insight from a range of users and environments.

 “The reason we are bringing out these three tiers of product is to make it easier for people to buy the right level of software to accomplish the right analytics and BI missions that they have,” said Jake Freivald, vice president of product marketing for Information Builders.

The three editions of WebFOCUS - tiered Business, Application, and Enterprise - offers governed self-service tools and apps to empower management, operational staff, partners, customers, and citizens with deeper access to analytics for better decision-making.

The Business User Edition is designed for business users and analysts to autonomously access, consume, create, produce, and share analytical content.

 It includes the WebFOCUS InfoAssist+ tool that supports self-service analytics, dashboard assembly, reporting, content automation, and data discovery.

“This is really about business intelligence, analytics, and self-service tools,” Freivald said.  

The Application Edition allows users to receive content that others have created and includes the full-function WebFOCUS server with all of its infrastructure, security, and administration capability.

It also includes App Studio, an authoring environment for building InfoApps that can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, on mobile devices, or as software- as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

“This is really about self-service apps that get provided to people inside the firewall primarily on a named user basis,” Freivald said.

 The Enterprise Edition targeted toward organizations that want to deploy embedded, complex, and/or strategic analytical applications to thousands or even millions of users, often customer-facing and outside of the corporate firewall.

“You can do custom branding using WebFOCUS,” Freivald said. “You have complete control for everybody you possibly want to talk to inside and outside the enterprise.”

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