Information Builders and ParAccel Partner to Support Rapid Adoption of Advanced Analytic Solutions

Information Builders, a provider of business intelligence solutions, and ParAccel, which offers the ParAccel Analytic Database, a massively parallel (MPP) columnar database management system (DBMS) for data warehousing and analytics, have announced a strategic partnership to speed the selection and implementation of customized advanced analytic solutions.

The pairing of Information Builders and ParAccel is intended to enable organizations to incorporate high-performance analytics and best-in-class business intelligence to gain greater insight from their data. With this information, organizations can anticipate changing business patterns and realize competitive opportunities.

"Information Builders is a venerable brand in business intelligence and consistently delivers comprehensive solutions that keep pace with ever-changing business and operational trends," states David Ehrlich, chairman and CEO of ParAccel. "Layering their tools onto our platform provides users with a formidable BI engine for using information to gain competitive advantage in the marketplace. We're excited by the opportunity to team with Information Builders to provide organizations with deeper access to data than ever imagined, within time frames and budgets never before possible."

Information Builders provides solutions for companies and governments to gather and analyze business information assets with tools optimized for enterprise networks, the internet and mobile devices. For more about InformationBuilders, go here.

ParAccel's advanced analytic database performs difficult analytic exercises without costly and time-consuming data manipulation and delivers strong price-performance using standard tools and hardware. For more information about ParAccel, go here.