Information Builders’ iWay 8 Helps Users Leverage Data from IoT, Blockchain, and Emerging Technologies

Information Builders, a provider of business intelligence, analytics, and data management solutions, has launched an enhanced version of iWay 8, its suite of solutions for real-time data integration and management. 

According to Information Builders, although the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain generate important data that can unveil insights that inform strategy and operational changes, the data must be quickly ingested and integrated with enterprise and external information to provide value. New advancements to Information Builders’ solution address modern data integration requirements and enable businesses to tap into data from these emerging technologies and sources.

iWay 8, the company says, supports these and other modern data integration strategies with the following enhancements:

Permissioned and Private Blockchain Support - iWay Service Manager (iSM) now supports a broader range of permissioned and private blockchain applications. iSM integrates blockchain platforms, including Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum, into the broader enterprise information ecosystem, laying the foundation for a service and event-oriented blockchain architecture, and also providing a new mechanism to make configuration easier for users to understand.

IoT Developments - iSM has been enhanced to interact with or serve as an IoT device, while collecting and analyzing IoT messages. IoT-oriented protocols natively supported by iSM include: MQTT, CoAP, and ZeroMQ, as well as AMQP (or RabbitMQ), REST, WebSockets, and SOAP. In addition, iSM can run on Raspberry PI and other single-board computers.

Expanded Data Accessibility - This latest version of iWay 8 extends the solution’s API capabilities, allowing organizations to create applications for hosting APIs for external consumption and for connecting to external APIs. Additionally, iWay 8 offers new connectors that enable increased access to modern technologies and data sources, such as Twitter, Twillio, AWS Dynamo DB, MQTT, and blockchain.

Modern Data Integration With Omni-Gen - Along with the enhanced technical capabilities of iWay 8, Information Builders is also supporting higher-level, business-focused integration with its Omni-Gen platform. Omni-Gen creates allows business users to focus on business subjects rather than arcane technical models.

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