Information Management Portfolio Updated by HP to Help Organizations Reduce Risk and Increase Efficiency

HP has updated its Information Management portfolio to enable organizations to reduce risk, increase efficiency and simplify the way they manage their business information. By bringing a holistic approach to information management, HP says the solutions and services will help executives harness the power of their information to make better decisions, manage for cost and compliance, and deliver the right information to the right users at the right time.

HP has identified specific challenges with regard to customers' current information management practices that it is seeking to help them overcome with the enhanced portfolio of products and services.  According to June Manley, worldwide product marketing director, Information Management Software, "There is a shift needed within IT as to how they manage their information." 

The difficulties are being caused by three main issues, says Manley. One is the tremendous growth of data that customers are retaining. "Customers are saving a lot of information, yet that information is inaccessible," and they can't find it when they need to, Manley says. A second problem is that there is no clear owner or champion within organizations for information management. "There are multiple stakeholders from IT, legal, and lines of business, and each one is defining their information strategy, and that information strategy is being managed in a siloed fashion." In addition, the infrastructure itself - with information dispersed geographically, as well as spread across physical, virtual, in the cloud, and hybrid infrastructures - contributes to complexity, she notes.

Key to the portfolio is HP Information Management Services, which delivers an integrated solution for managing information in any phase of its lifecycle - from capture and creation to deletion and retirement. HP consulting services such as the IM Transformation Experience Workshop bring together legal, IT, business and chief information security officers to help establish policies to identify immediate best practices, while planning a holistic, long-term information strategy.   "We are looking at information management holistically, just as our customers should, and putting services together from capture and creation all the way to retirement and deletion. That service offering is enabling customers to take that step or journey from managing information in silos to managing information holistically," says Manley.

With the updated Information Management portfolio, Manley says, the products, solutions and services are all in alignment to ensure that a holistic approach is supported, across all phases of the information lifecycle.

Among other key components to the portfolio is the HP Integrated Archive Platform (IAP) which now scales to manage up to 1 petabyte of data, 300,000 users and 20 million email messages per day, better meeting the performance needs of large enterprises. New HP Virtual IAP supports VMware vSphere, which meets the information management needs of small to midsize enterprises in a cost-effective manner.

HP TRIM Enterprise Records Management has been enhanced with multijurisdictional retention, which automates complex retention schedules across multiple countries and within multinational enterprises. Localizing policies eliminates administrative overhead, reduces costs and simplifies compliance. The new bulk data loading capability further reduces costs with faster throughput of bulk record updates.

 HP Database Archiving is now integrated with HP TRIM to give clients one platform for managing their structured information, as well as new connectivity to archive data from legacy systems during the application retirement process.

HP Data Protector software now provides Granular Recovery Extension for VMware vSphere, as well as snapshot support for 3PAR and non-HP arrays, at an up to 70 percent less total cost of ownership. HP Data Protector also adds down-to-the-second snapshot recovery to HP StorageWorks P4000. This fully automated approach requires no scripting, which reduces the costs and resources associated with protecting critical data.

HP Data Protector Reporter gives organizations improved insight into their backup operations with enterprise-level, multisite global analysis and reporting. Centralized, automated backup reporting optimizes operations and infrastructure, which can realize an up to 30% cost savings.

HP Storage Essentials software decreases costs for managing physical and virtual enterprise information infrastructure, while improving alignment of storage to business needs. HP Storage Essentials Backup Manager plug-in for HP Data Protector helps organizations monitor the entire backup process with a complete picture of their information state.

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