Informer Business Intelligence Now Available to SugarCRM Customers Via SugarExchange

Entrinsik, Inc., has announced that its Informer self-service reporting and business intelligence software is now listed on SugarCRM'sSugarExchange and can integrate directly with SugarCRM implementations. 

SugarExchange is the marketplace for discovering third party solutions that leverage the SugarCRM platform. Informer is available in the Business Intelligence and Reporting categories on SugarExchange. Informer software provides real-time reporting, data analysis and interactive dashboards that extend the value of SugarCRM. 

Through the integration between Entrinsik and SugarCRM, users can log into Sugar and access real-time reporting, data analysis and interactive dashboards while staying within their CRM system.  “It allows users to integrate multiple sources of data without even leaving the Sugar instance and without having to set up a separate data store or data cube which they would typically have to do in order to access data from multiple data sources,” Sharon Shelton, vice president of marketing at Entrinsik, tells DBTA. 

In addition, Shelton notes, “Informer also provides Sugar users with more advanced analytical capabilities. Now, they can combine data from one data source with data found in another database and create a dashboard and do trending analysis.” This is significant, Shelton notes, because it enables actual non-IT business users who consume the data to make day-to-day business decisions to do ad hoc, on-the-fly reporting to answer business questions as conditions change. “With Informer, we empower the business users to get answers to their questions right on the spot because the interface is so intuitive and user-friendly that they can customize the data views in any particular way without having to go to IT.”

The Informer integration enables Sugar users to access data from a wide range of sources, including SugarCRM; data warehouses; relational DBMSs such as MySQL, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server; MultiValue databases; Google Docs; and Excel spreadsheets.

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