Informer Version 4.6 to be Released

Entrinsik is set to release Informer version 4.6 on February 1st. New capabilities include a formatted output add-on called Custom Format. This feature uses an HTML document coded with FreeMarker Template to create free-form output using data from an Informer report. This will allow Informer users to create welcome letters, account statements, certificates, transcripts, and other assets. Users will be able to build their own templates using an HTML editor, or use any of the templates that Entrinsik offers.

Recently, Entrinsik also conducted a webinar on the topic of using Informer with an Infor SX.e system. The webinar was conducted by Tim Nicholson, director of Informer customer services with Entrinsik and Jesse Owsley, software project manager at Southern Supply Corporation. Owsley covers how Southern Supply Corporation uses Informer to blend, analyze and visualize data from multiple sources. A replay of the webinar is available on their site.

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