Informix In-Database Analytics Unveiled by Fuzzy Logix and IBM

Fuzzy Logix, LLC, a provider of advanced analytical solutions, has announced the availability of in-database analytics working with IBM Informix database software to serve the large base of customers who are seeking to use easily accessible analytics to gain competitive advantage.

The product, DB Lytix, is a rich, in-database analytics library built during more than eleven years of extensive research on advanced analytical methods. It contains
functions for mathematical and statistical analysis, data mining, and Monte Carlo simulations. With the library now ported to IBM Informix, DB Lytix can leverage the high
performance of Informix to bring gains in processing speed to analytic solutions.

According to Fuzzy Logix CEO Partha Sen, "the availability of DB Lytix on Informix means that over 100,000 customers and OEM partners now have access to analytic solutions that install in 10 minutes and require no additional resources to manage."

The availability of DB Lytix for Informix brings tangible business benefits, adds Robert Thomas, vice president of Business Development at IBM. "The combination of in-database analytics with the superior performance of Informix delivers an unparalleled ability to accelerate business decisions."

Businesses that adopt in-database analytics can perform real-time analysis of their data. Because the models are accessible via SQL, analytics can be moved into business
processes and embedded in existing front-end tools such as Cognos. Customers in financial services, telecom, utilities, healthcare, digital media and retail are seeing the benefits of leveraging in-database analytics to accelerate their decisions. Since no additional hardware or network infrastructure is needed, companies will be able to build and deploy solutions in a matter of weeks.

Companies and OEM partners that would like to explore these solutions, can obtain a trial license directly from Fuzzy Logix, and if needed, support services from Fuzzy Logix and IBM Global Business Services. For more information about Fuzzy Logix, go to and, for more about Informix, go to