Infotel Announces AI Software Release to Automate Db2 Maintenance Tasks

Infotel, a provider of data performance and optimization solutions for z/OS, has announced newly upgraded iDBA-Online product is now generally available in the U.S. iDBA-Online uses AI to help automatically manage the most efficient maintenance schedule for IBM Db2.

This new release brings more automation to Db2 maintenance, freeing up DBA resources for increased production. Additionally, through optimization of Db2 maintenance schedules, customers are seeing reductions of 5%-10% CPU utilization from improved administration of these tasks.

“The sheer amount of data and the maintenance needed for optimization make Db2 a volatile and ever-changing environment,” said Carlos Almeida business analyst at Tampa, Florida-based Infotel Corp. “A maintenance strategy that was set at the beginning of the month may not be viable after just a few days. This solution was designed to leverage AI and task automation to alleviate the chaos of maintenance for DBAs.”

While Db2 maintenance is essential for performance, recoverability, and optimized system resources, it is also true that every maintenance operation has a cost in terms of CPU and I/O, and often handling these essential duties take too much of a DBA’s day, cutting into the time for performing more productive and innovative tasks.

Infotel’s latest U.S. product offering addresses this critical dilemma for companies on IBM z/OS with Db2 and is aimed at taking the guesswork out of maintenance duties by using AI to automatically schedule maintenance. iDBA runs in the background while receiving Db2 log data to analyze the most cost-effective way to schedule backups, reorgs and other Db2 maintenance tasks. According to the company, the solution uses proprietary algorithms to combine SLAs, cost benefit analysis data, and business constraints set forth by clients to establish in real time, the optimum maintenance schedule. Maintenance schedules are dynamically updated and automatically executed to ensure compliance with SLAs and certify that every single operation has a positive ROI for the overall Db2 cost category.

Being able to dynamically evaluate the impact of Db2 maintenance with the ability to change schedules is essential for streamlining maintenance operations that maximize Db2 application performance and reduce z/OS operational costs. Intelligent automation allows the system to take over Db2 maintenance scheduling so DBAs can spend less time on manual analysis and scheduling allowing them to focus on more strategic, innovative ways to solve more pressing data problems.

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