Infoworks DataFoundry Can Now Connect to More Data Sources, a provider of Enterprise Data Operations and Orchestration (EDO2) systems, is making  a significant update to its flagship offering, Infoworks DataFoundry, extending data source connectivity to support over 190 different source types.

“Our focus is enabling analytics agility and automating rote processes as much as possible,” said Amar Arsikere, chief product officer, CTO, and co-founder at Infoworks. “This new data source connectivity expansion allows data practitioners to rapidly onboard data and get critical projects up and running.  DataFoundry’s automation and broad source connectivity frees up talent and time to make the best use of analytics, AI and machine learning to further business objectives.”

Infoworks customers can now use DataFoundry’s enterprise-grade automation to onboard data quickly and easily into the cloud from practically any data source.

DataFoundry now supports automated onboarding of data sources across on-premises, cloud applications, big data, NoSQL, mainframes, relational databases, data warehouses, structured and hierarchical files and streaming data.

Through automation, solution integration and abstraction away from the complexities of the underlying infrastructure, DataFoundry has established the data foundations for some of the world’s largest enterprises.

Infoworks offers a highly optimized natively-integrated solution for customers that wish to onboard, prepare, and operationalize data.

Infoworks DataFoundry enables data engineers, scientists and business users to focus talent on solving problems while offloading manually intensive tasks to the highly automated, intuitive, drag-and-drop DataFoundry system.

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