Newsletters Partners with Hitachi Solutions America to Deliver Data Fabric Solutions, a leading data fabric company, is partnering with Hitachi Solutions America, enabling the companies to leverage Infoworks’ comprehensive automated solution for enterprise data operations and orchestration to augment and accelerate Hitachi’s delivery of customer solutions for Microsoft Azure.

The Hitachi Solutions America and Infoworks partnership provides customers a turnkey solution and ensures fast and seamless implementations, according to the vendors.

“Digital transformation is an imperative and the past year has underscored the urgency for enterprises to become more data-driven,” said Infoworks president and chief operating officer, Ned Hooper. “We are pleased to partner with Hitachi Solutions America to help customers quickly and efficiently onboard, prepare and operationalize data at scale – their deep industry expertise and proven digital transformation methodologies will deliver rapid time-to-value for our joint customers.”

The collaboration will deliver a modern data fabric solution that will help customers accelerate migration to the cloud and enable rapid deployment of new analytics and data-driven applications via a robust, automated and easy-to-use solution that delivers mobility of data and data pipelines in hybrid and multi cloud environments.

”Our partnership with Infoworks will enable us to onboard customers faster and more cost-effectively than we do today,” said Jerry Hawk, chief technology officer, Hitachi Solutions America. “Infoworks’ automated approach coupled with our Empower industry solutions will benefit data professionals and business users alike, helping more of our customers realize the power of data in a more manageable way.”

Integral to the partnership is Hitachi Solutions America’s ability to resell the Infoworks platform and Infoworks expert professional services to customers needing to upgrade to a modern data fabric architecture.

Infoworks' technology enables customers to realize the power of data for agile decision-making with faster time-to-value and efficient creation and iteration of analytics use cases.

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