Ingres Announces Analytics for Windows-Based Architectures

Ingres, an open source database provider, has begun shipping VectorWise for Windows, intended to address analytics requirements within Microsoft technology shops. This latest release of VectorWise provides analytics and interactive reporting against big data sets for companies with Windows-based architectures. VectorWise is an analytic database that enables users to uncover insights from data at a rapid pace.

Windows users were able to access VectorWise prior to this announcement through a virtual environment, Mark Van de Wiel, director of product management for Ingres, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "Windows users have always been able to run a Linux-based virtual environment - such as VMware - to use VectorWise on Windows," he says. "Windows users have also always been able to connect to VectorWise database running on Linux using ODBC, JDBC or .NET connections."

With this release, VectorWise now natively supports Windows 2008 and Windows 7 installations, enabling data analysis from large installed bases of desktop computers and servers. "Our Windows database is functionally equivalent to our Linux database, which is the other operating system that we support," says Van de Wiel. The only remaining major difference between VectorWise for Windows and its comparable Linux version is two Perl-based utilities that are available on Linux but not on Windows, he adds. "These utilities are actively being rewritten to be able to support both platforms natively in an upcoming release. But they are not critical to a VectorWise deployment."

Ingres says that since the beta program for VectorWise for Windows went live, download traffic has increased by more than 215%.

More details are available from the Ingres website.