Ingres Joins Forces With Red Hat and SYNNEX as Charter Member of the Open Source Channel Alliance

Ingres Corporation, a leading open source database management company, has announced that it has joined the Open Source Channel Alliance, a group founded by Red Hat and SYNNEX Corporation  to extend the value of open source to a broad set of customers through SYNNEX's 15,000 resellers. Ingres joins as a charter member and has signed a distribution agreement with SYNNEX.

The other members of the Open Source Channel Alliance include Alfresco, EnterpriseDB, Likewise, Jaspersoft, Pentaho, Zenoss, Zmanda and Zimbra. The applications that are part of the Open Source Channel Alliance are available through SYNNEX's extensive reseller network.
Red Hat and SYNNEX created the Open Source Channel Alliance to drive awareness and revenue opportunity around combined open source solutions and to establish a strong ecosystem for their channel partners. The alliance enables SYNNEX to distribute the Ingres product portfolio as well as other open source applications, as part of an end-to-end open source solution approach that will deliver high return-on-investment as IT budgets continue to shrink. Specifically, Ingres Database, a leading open source database that helps organizations develop and manage business critical applications at an affordable cost, will be available through SYNNEX's distribution channel. Ingres and the other partner companies joining the Open Source Channel Alliance are part of an IT ecosystem made up of leading open source companies with solutions that offer real cost reductions that are proven and business-critical ready.

In addition to offering the Ingres Database through SYNNEX's distribution channel, Ingres will also offer its Icebreaker Appliance (an integrated database system appliance) and bundled solutions that will include the Ingres Database plus open source software from other Alliance member companies. Tom Wunderlich, director of business development at Ingres, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "the Icebreaker Appliance will be sold primarily by SYNNEX VARs because it is a pre-packaged offering that does not require upfront integration. On the other hand, the bundled solutions consisting of the Ingres Database and other open source software will mainly be sold by SYNNEX SIs who have the expertise in creating integrating software stacks."

Wunderlich also said that "one example of a bundled solution combining software from Ingres and other open source companies is a database and application infrastructure platform consisting of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 operating system, the Ingres Database, and the Jboss Enterprise Application Platform for building, deploying, and hosting enterprise Java applications."

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