Ingres Launches Cloud-Based Interactive Reporting and Analysis Service

Ingres Corporation, an open-source database and analysis tools vendor, says it is now offering a cloud-based managed service for interactive reporting and analysis. Built on the vendor's VectorWise analytic database, the online toolset, called SkyInsight, is intended to offer rapid data analysis on an on-demand basis.

The key to Skylight's purported fast processing is the underlying VectorWise database, Greg Wood, co-president of Ingres, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "VectorWise incorporates a number of techniques that make it fast, including vector processing and the utilization of cache on processors to accelerate performance," he explains. "We achieve in-memory performance, but on a disk-based storage system that can handle much larger data sets than in-memory analytics solutions."

The service includes on-demand analytics, supported by Ingres, enabling the movement, analysis and visualization of data. Ingres says it has teamed up with Yellowfin, a provider of interactive BI tools, to provide front-end analysis capabilities for SkyInsight.

Wood also says Ingres also has added a number of security mechanisms to the service. "SkyInsight has built-in encryption for data in-flight, and we actively manage the platform to prevent, detect and eliminate any security problems," he says. "Access controls to data can be defined at a granular level, to ensure that only the correct users get access to data they have permission to see."

The joint Yellowfin and Ingres reporting and analytics solution for the cloud, SkyInsight, is available today. Pricing starts at $2,500 per month and scales based on server capacity, complexity of data set and the desired service availability.

More details are available from Ingres.

For information on Yellowfin's reporting tools, visit the Yellowfin website.