Ingres Offers Technology Preview Program for Ingres VectorWise

Ingres Corporation, a leading open source database management company, announced today a technology preview program for Ingres VectorWise. VectorWise is a database technology that, according to Ingres, delivers the performance needed to deal with explosive data growth and is the first business software to fully take advantage of advances in modern chip technology.

Partners and customers who are part of the technology preview program are able to download an early version of Ingres VectorWise and will be given assistance from Ingres with testing, assessments, and benchmarks. Customers will provide the results of functional and performance tests on the product and feedback to Ingres.

The Ingres VectorWise project is a collaboration between Ingres and VectorWise, a spinout from a database research team at CWI of Amsterdam, a research institute in mathematics and computer science. The goal of the project is to improve the performance of database systems by orders of magnitude and to bridge the efficiency gap between databases and application specialized solutions. The Ingres VectorWise project aims to allow business software to get the best out of modern chips and process business data at rates that were previously impossible.

The overall marketplace for data warehousing is about $2 billion or $3 billion a year, "and this should save people a lot of money," Bill Maimone, Ingres senior vice president of worldwide engineering, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "They can solve the same problem and use a lot less hardware and in many cases I think they will be able to deliver interactive performance in the types of queries that they used to have to do with batch jobs." With data volumes roughly doubling every year, Maimone, expects the technology to have applicability for finance, manufacturing, transportation, "and any areas doing analysis of large data sets."

To apply for the technology preview program, go here.