Ingres and Bendigo Partners to Promote Use of Ingres VectorWise in Financial Services

Ingres Corporation, an open source database management company, has entered into a strategic agreement with Bendigo Partners, LLC to promote the use of Ingres VectorWise within the financial services industry. Bendigo Partners focuses on investment and operating partner opportunities in global, technology-driven financial services. It supports product expansion, global expansion, acquisitions, or technology and operational efficiencies with both capital and expertise.

The performance enhancements provided by VectorWise can be "transformative," Roger Burkhardt, president and CEO, Ingres, tells 5 Minute Briefing. "There are certain areas where it can provide a tremendous competitive edge."

Ingres VectorWise is the result of a collaboration between Ingres and VectorWise, a spin-out from the database research team at CWI of Amsterdam, a research institute in mathematics and computer science. In beta since mid-March, Ingres VectorWise is a database technology that Ingres describes as delivering the performance required to analyze today's exploding quantity of customer data to enable instant profit maximization. Built on the Ingres Database, Ingres VectorWise takes advantage of advances in modern chip technology to generate more than 10-fold improvements in database efficiency, according to Ingres.

"We see a great deal of synergy between this disruptive technology and Bendigo's fairly disruptive business model," says Burkhardt. "They have taken a careful look at the technology, they have seen extraordinary breakthoughs in terms of the performance, and they recognize that it can enable the businesses that they create to be more successful."

In particular, Ingres sees demand for the capabilities of VectorWise in what Burkhardt describes as "clicks, ticks, and calls" - in e-commerce, where people are analyzing customer behavior on websites and often incorporating data from other customer channels; in financial services, where the volumes of data that must be analyzed quickly for risk and portfolio management and compliance are great; and in telecommunications, a traditional consumer of powerful analytic capabilities.

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