Ingres and Engineering Release New Analytical Appliance for the Business Intelligence Market

Ingres Corporation, an source database management company, and Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A., a provider of infrastructure software in Italy, have released  the SpagoBI Analytical Appliance, a new open source analytical appliance for the business intelligence (BI) market. The SpagoBI Analytical Appliance integrates SpagoBI, an open source suite covering all the analytical areas of business intelligence projects, Ingres Database, and SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 from Novell. The software appliance offers a complete and preconfigured analytical environment, distributed as a virtual machine, and provides the reliability of an enterprise middleware while at the same time improving and simplifying the operating system setup.

The SpagoBI Analytical Appliance was developed through the cooperation of providers of open source solutions and through Engineering's effort inside its SpagoWorld initiative and the OW2 BI Initiative, managed by OW2 Consortium, a community fostering the development of new cases of industrial cooperation.

The new appliance is targeted at mid-market organizations and even some of the smaller ones, Deb Woods, vice president of product management, Ingres, tells 5 Minute Briefing.  Ingres sees many organizations that are looking for departmental servers, and that are looking to do more BI reporting within their environments," says Woods. Especially with today's economy, she adds, Ingres is finding that users want to have a strong understanding of trends in their businesses so they can better adapt their own sales force and their own products to meet customers' needs.  "We think a lot of people are starting to deploy BI solutions and they are looking for very cost-effective ones."

The SpagoBI Analytical Appliance is available for download at OW2 Consortium Forge.