Innovations Across Oracle Netsuite Give Customers Insight and Control to Increase Productivity and Drive Growth

Oracle NetSuite is releasing a series of new product innovations to help organizations run more efficiently and increase the bottom line.

The latest NetSuite innovations include an AP (accounts payable) automation solution that can increase the accuracy and speed of processing bills and making payments, a new CPQ (configure, price, quote) solution that is designed to accelerate and simplify the sales process, a new workforce management solution that can streamline scheduling, time tracking and wage calculations, and a new shipping solution that helps bring added efficiency to warehouse operations.

In addition, NetSuite is introducing new automation and analytics that is designed to give organizations the insights and control to increase productivity and profitability by enhancing the financial, inventory management, manufacturing, and project management functionality within NetSuite.

“With an economy in transition, businesses can look to the certainty of data to find new paths to profitability and growth,” said Evan Goldberg, founder and EVP, Oracle NetSuite. “To help our customers do this, we continue to extend the capabilities of NetSuite. The latest updates span everything from financial management to HR to sales processes and are designed to help our customers run their business in a better way and support their growth journeys.”

NetSuite has introduced new solutions to address the time consuming and labor-intensive accounts payable (AP) processes, grow sales and deliver a seamless buying experience for customers, improve the efficiency of warehouse operations, and adapt staffing quickly to changing business needs, according to the company.

 Features include:

  • NetSuite AP Automation: A solution that helps customers improve efficiency by making it easier and faster to process bills and pay vendors all from within NetSuite.
  • NetSuite CPQ: A solution that helps customers enable sales teams to quickly configure, price and quote (CPQ) complex products with complete accuracy directly in NetSuite.
  • NetSuite Ship Central: A solution that helps customers optimize fulfillment operations, eliminate manual processes, and accelerate deliveries by empowering warehouse workers with packing and shipping capabilities on a mobile or kiosk device.
  • NetSuite Workforce Management: A solution that helps organizations balance labor costs and profitability while enhancing employee engagement by simplifying and automating routine tasks such as shift scheduling, employee time tracking, and calculating wages. It can uniquely provide recommendations on optimizing staff scheduling to help organizations achieve business goals.
  • NetSuite Analytics Warehouse: The latest enhancements enable customers to simplify data management, accelerate time to insights and provide access to more pre-built third-party data integrations and industry specific content. NetSuite Analytics Warehouse is also now available to customers in Australia and the United Kingdom.

In addition, new automation and analytics enhance the financial, inventory management, manufacturing, and project management functionality within NetSuite. With the new capabilities, organizations can enhance efficiency and profitability by consolidating data, automating tasks, improving inventory management, streamlining workflows, and simplifying rebate and trade promotion program execution, according to the vendor.

New features include:

  • Data sovereignty
  • Intercompany netting
  • Inventory management
  • Mobile manufacturing
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Platform
  • Quality management
  • Rebates and trade Promotions

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