Instaclustr Introduces Certification Program for Open Source Platforms

Instaclustr, the leading provider of fully managed solutions for scalable open source technologies, is introducing its certification program for open source technologies.

Following a certification process across several critical variables, enterprises can build applications with even greater confidence – leveraging Instaclustr’s expertise and management supporting 100% open source deployments of technologies including Apache Cassandra, that are fully scalable, performant, optimized, and secure.

To establish a thorough and transparent certification process, Instaclustr is introducing the Instaclustr Certification Framework for Open Source Software, a rigorous testing and evaluation program that will apply to each of the open source, data-layer technologies Instaclustr supports.

The managed provider has also developed a technology test plan for Cassandra, which assures that the version of the NoSQL database that Instaclustr delivers has been extensively tested across three different categories – functional, performance, and integration – for readiness in production environments.

Within this framework, functional testing provides certainty that each feature and component of the Cassandra version under test is evaluated to a consistent level.

Performance testing provides increased confidence that the version will deliver stable and reliable performance, compared to previous versions.

Integration testing covers testing with other ecosystem components, such as drivers or other applications – meaning that enterprises can leverage Instaclustr's certification results as part of a seamless and congruent open source data stack.

In order to provide full transparency into its testing and certification processes, Instaclustr makes all results of its open source certification freely available. The Instaclustr Certification Report for Apache Cassandra offers clear details on all testing specifics, while also giving enterprises key insights into the licensing, community, stability, and maturity advantages of deploying the certified version of the software.

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