Instana Automatically Correlates Browser Response Time to Microservice Performance

Application performance monitoring software provider Instana has introduced Unbounded Analytics in the latest release of its end user monitoring capabilities (Instana EUM), included with the Instana APM service. The new Instana EUM release captures user requests, provides filtering to find all page loads from specific user IDs, and enables detailed performance analysis of requests from the browser front end through the server-side back end.

“With today’s applications growing in complexity, the ability to analyze every request, with no limits on how to slice and dice the dataset, from the browser through all the microservices is critical for DevOps and CI/CD [continuous integration/continuous delivery],” said Mirko Novakovic, Instana co-founder and CEO. 

Instana’s Unbounded Analytics allows users to apply filters to the trace dataset, in effectively unlimited combinations, enabling developers to find the exact request or trace needing attention. Since all traces, which now include the web performance data, are available automatically, finding challenging performance issues is easier for the whole DevOps organization, according to the vendor.

Instana EUM includes a variety of browser-side data such as page loads, resources, HTTP requests, and JavaScript errors, allowing site reliability engineers and developers to identify and analyze situations such as browser-side performance regressions for specific types and versions of web browsers, a request from a specific user session to understand the exact conditions that resulted in errors or performance issues, and whether a problem is in the browser or server-side and identify the root cause of any poor performing user request.

For front-end developers, Instana EUM collects the same data available on the network tab of browser-side developer tools, but records this information historically for every user request. 

The new Instana EUM capabilities are included for free with the company’s APM solution. Learn more at