Integrated Analytics Platform, Analytics Plus, Gives Users Access Anywhere, Anytime

ManageEngine is releasing Analytics Plus, an IT analytics product that is structured to consolidate analytics deployment onto a singular platform through a newly available SaaS option. Users will be able to easily deploy analytics on either public or private clouds in under 60 seconds, according to the vendor. The program will have the capability to be deployed in on-premises servers, Docker, or cloud platforms like Google Cloud and Azure.

MangeEngine’s Deploy-Analytics-Anywhere model aims to unite IT tools into an individual system in order to better conserve cost and time for IT professionals. Releasing a cloud option for Analytics Plus allows greater visibility of data sources in a timelier manner, ultimately increasing revenue and productivity. The vendor has also improved upon their AI assistant to be more context-aware with domain-level intelligence to more accurately provide solutions for business professionals.

"At ManageEngine, we've witnessed several digital transformation trends over the last two decades across all industry verticals: rapid cloud adoption, a need for setting up a data-centric culture, and the need for advanced AI to sift through data lakes and establish correlations, triage events, and eliminate the need for human intervention in data analysis," said Rakesh Jayaprakash, product manager at ManageEngine. "That's why we've launched the cloud version of Analytics Plus—a marriage of our 20+ years of domain expertise with cloud benefits like flexibility, agility and scalability to help augment strategic decision-making with insights that are fast, reliable and contextual."

Analytics Plus provides interapplication connectivity for over 40 programs, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Stripe, SurveyMonkey, Google Analytics, Xero, QuickBooks, Salesforce CRM, and LinkedIn, according to the vendor. The product also offers similar app cohesion with IT monitoring systems like SolarWinds, Nagios, Splunk, DataDog, AppDynamics, and OpenNMS. Analytics Plus’ inclusive application processes will widen the abilities of IT professionals to interpret data more comprehensively as opposed to the inferior capabilities of previous disjointed IT tools.

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