Integration Between Relativity and Veritas Promises Advanced Electronic Monitoring

Relativity has announced its partnership with Veritas Technologies to provide an integrated customer experience for users of RelativityOne, Relativity Server, Enterprise Vault, eDiscovery Platform, Veritas Advanced Discovery, and Discovery Accelerator. This partnership will provide its collective user base with Relativity’s AI-driven communication surveillance platform (Relativity Trace) backed by Veritas’ data archiving systems and search platform.

This collaboration will widen the scope of electronic surveillance capabilities for its customers and support its management through timely and cost-efficient archiving processes. Customers will be able to extract necessary data from Enterprise Vault directly into Relativity Trace for optimal surveillance, as well as reverse compatibility for Relativity Trace data review through Enterprise Vault.

With Veritas’ comprehensive data management, the ability to locate, review, and oversee over 120 data streams collected by Relativity systems will be available to joint customers. This technology provides extensive data search options which enables better organization and surveillance of vital information. A unique feature that this collaboration will provide is early case assessment; unlike previously, customers will have fluid management capabilities that allow for greater monitoring of e-discovery data volumes.

According to Ajay Bhatia, GM of Data Compliance at Veritas, “Our vision is to give our customers and partners the best experience when utilizing these joint solutions, that can be deployed both on-prem and in the cloud as a consumption model. Companies will no longer need to look elsewhere for data archiving, upstream or downstream e-discovery, or AI-based communications surveillance.”

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