Intel Releases New Solid-State Storage Drive Series

Intel Corporation introduced its Solid-State Drive 910 Series, a high-performing SSD designed to address data center storage demands driven by cloud computing, virtualization and online transactions. The Intel SSD 910 Series expands Intel's offerings for data center applications with its first entry in the 900 family of its highest-performing, PCIe-based SSDs. The Intel SSD 900 Family joins Intel's other high-volume SSD solutions for the data center including the Intel 700 SSD Family of SATA-based SSDs with High Endurance Technology and the Intel SSD 300 Family of SATA SSDs for a broad range of server and storage applications.

"The Intel SSD 910 Series is ideal for replacing I/O-intensive HDDs," says Roger Peene, director of data center SSD marketing for the Intel Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group. "Data center IT professionals can have confidence in a tier-one, easy-to-install SSD solution backed by Intel quality, reliability and technical support."

The Intel SSD 910 Series includes Intel High Endurance Technology and optimized multi-level cell 25-nanometer NAND flash memory that allows up to 10 full drive writes a day for 5 years. The Intel SSD 910 is PCIe-based and offers post-deployment server storage upgrade that requires no changes to existing server design. It can be used in storage tiering and caching of hot files for high-performance processing and access to mission-critical data. One Intel 910 SSD can replace multiple 15K rpm hard disk drives (HDDs), Intel adds. It is built using an Intel controller and Intel SSD management firmware.

General production availability is scheduled for mid-2012, Intel says.

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