InterSystems Adds Breakthrough Enterprise SOA Features to Ensemble Rapid Integration and Development Platform

InterSystems Corporation has announced the addition of innovative technology features to its Ensemble rapid integration and development platform. Available now, the new capabilities target critical requirements of large-scale enterprises that are building high-performance, complex applications in SOA environments. John Joseph, director of product management at InterSystems, tells 5 Minute Briefing that "more complex environments drive more feature needs; the number of interfaces, messages and data volumes are all increasing, and the pieces of systems needing to be connected are getting bigger and more complex. Also, web services and SOA are gaining steam, and so many of the enhancements in this latest release of Ensemble are intended to address these challenges."

InterSystems Ensemble is used in leading enterprises worldwide to develop and integrate mission-critical applications, leverage previous software investments through composite applications, establish an enterprise service bus, or implement SOA initiatives. Organizations have chosen Ensemble to add value to existing applications with capabilities such as adaptable workflow managed by an extensible business rules engine, business activity monitoring and real-time access to messages stored in an embedded, SQL-compliant object database. The enhancements in the latest product release ensure that organizations can now better use Ensemble to develop highly reliable and secure applications for SOA infrastructures.

The major enhancements in the new version of Ensemble include support for the WS-Security 1.1 standard, recognized industry-wide as a foundation for developing secure distributed applications and web services. Ensemble also now makes it possible to send messages in binary or binary-encoded XML formats within SOAP messages, leading to improved web services performance due to the reduced size of the SOAP messages.

Enabling extended monitoring for composite applications, Ensemble has been engineered so that it now interfaces with the major systems management tools such as IBM Tivoli and BMC that many customers are already using across their enterprises. Targeting healthcare-focused organizations, Ensemble now offers an HL7 sequence manager that allows users to reconstruct an intended message sequence should messages be received out of order. And, to offer extended integration protocol support, support has been added for ebXML, a family of XML-based standards sponsored by OASIS, and UN/CEFACT, all designed to provide an open XML-based infrastructure.

For more information about InterSystems and its latest release of Ensemble, go to the InterSystems website.