InterSystems Unveils Caché 2015

InterSystems, a provider of data management technologies, has introduced a new release of its SQL/NoSQL platform Caché, which doubles the scalability of prior releases, based on independent third-party testing.

According to InterSystems, in order to create the next generation of breakthrough applications, solution developers require a data platform that provides multiple modes of access to operational data. Using Caché, data is simultaneously available using NoSQL, SQL and object paradigms. Each paradigm delivers high performance and massive scalability. Caché’s just-in-time analytics capabilities, on both structured and unstructured data, give developers the means to deliver insight at the point of action. Caché provides technology for developing mobile and web applications, and according to the vendor, today, tens of thousands of Caché applications are available in healthcare, financial services, retail/logistics and government solutions.

“For those who decide the strategic business technology needs of their enterprises – the chief technology officers and development leaders who are defining and delivering the next generation of data-driven applications – Caché 2015 is the data platform to handle the most demanding requirements,” said Robert Nagle, Vice President of Data Platforms, InterSystems. “What makes Caché different is our data platform approach. It combines powerful development capabilities using all types of data (SQL and NoSQL) simultaneously. It has long been known for its massive scalability, now even greater. And for operational applications – using analytics on structured and unstructured data – Caché enables just-in-time insight at the point of action,” Nagle added.

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