Intuit and Weaveworks Collaborate to Deliver GitOps Application Delivery for Kubernetes

Weaveworks is partnering with Intuit to create Argo Flux, an open source project to drive GitOps application delivery for Kubernetes via an industry-wide community.

Argo Flux combines the Argo CD project led by Intuit with the Flux CD project driven by Weaveworks, two well known open source tools with strong community support.

AWS also joins Argo Flux as an active contributor and BlackRock as a first enterprise user. AWS has endorsed and supported GitOps tooling through Argo in EKS and EKSctl as well as in Flagger for AWS App Mesh.

The Flux CD and the Argo CD teams at Weaveworks and Intuit are excited to join forces to serve the needs of their communities better.

Argo Flux will provide GitOps for an intuitive approach to Kubernetes deployments that promotes automation and declarative application management. Community members of the newly joined Argo Flux community will also benefit from the new team’s goal to provide:

  • A single and best-in-class tool-chain for GitOps
  • A global-scale reference architecture for GitOps
  • Double the engineering resources to address issues and feature requests
  • Argo Flux UI dashboard
  • Workflows and events that leverage the beneficial features of Argo CD and Flux CD

The Amazon EKS team sees Kubernetes-native continuous and progressive deployment as a critical area that customers need to master to be successful.

Argo CD is in the process of joining the CNCF. The future Argo Flux project will then be a joint CNCF project.

An additional future step in discussion is a move toward “Argo Flagger.” This collaboration would align Weave Flagger with Argo Rollouts to provide a progressive delivery mechanism that directs traffic to a deployed application for controlled rollouts.

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