Ionir Introduces Cloud Native Storage and Data Platform for Kubernetes

Ionir is releasing a container native software defined storage and data management platform, designed to support Kubernetes production workloads in private cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud deployments. 

The Ionir enterprise software defined storage platform delivers Data Teleport, an instant mobility capability for persistent volumes that allows stateful applications to be copied or moved instantly between Kubernetes clusters.

“With Data Teleport, persistent volumes can be moved or copied between Kubernetes clusters and clouds in under 40 seconds independent of the size of the volume or the amount of data involved” said Jacob Cherian, CEO, Ionir. “For example, in a production/development hybrid deployment, developers will no longer have to wait for hours or days for volumes to be copied to get access to the latest data. With instant mobility data can be refreshed in under a minute accelerating development processes and the delivery of new capabilities.”

Based on the unique and proven technology developed by Reduxio, the Ionir’s platform eliminates the complexity of storage and data management for Kubernetes based clouds by allowing customers to build a seamless data layer and a common set of data management workflows independent of the underlying cloud or infrastructure.

The platform provides the capabilities that include:

  • Fully virtualized persistent volumes with no practical size limit
  • Data Teleport - Instantly copy or move volumes of any size across clouds
  • Instant clones for data and application recovery
  • Global deduplication and compression for efficiency at scale
  • Fault tolerant and highly available

Ionir also announced $11 million in funding led by Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) alongside C5 Capital.

"Over the years, JVP has invested in groundbreaking technologies such as BI and AI with Qliktech, cybersecurity with companies such as CyberArk, and in leading cloud and service providers such as Cogent,” said Fiona Darmon, general partner with JVP, and Ionir board member. “Investing in Ionir will allow them to deliver their groundbreaking innovations in cloud storage and data management, enabling enterprises to seamlessly work across multiple infrastructure and cloud providers, with mobility for their applications."

Enterprise adoption of Kubernetes is increasing; but using legacy storage solutions and the lack of instant data mobility creates infrastructure silos and operational challenges in private cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployments. Ionir’s platform and instant data mobility capability  allows enterprises to unify multiple infrastructure environments into a single data cloud with seamless mobility of applications and data.

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