Iron Mountain and Google Enter Partnership to Develop Solutions on the Google Cloud Platform

Iron Mountain Incorporated, a provider of storage and information management services, is partnering with Google Cloud to develop new AI-powered SaaS solutions.

The new solutions on GCP will help organizations analyze their vast physical and digital information and data repositories, unlock insights, improve decision making, and create new revenue streams. Iron Mountain expects to deliver these new subscription services built on GCP this September.

In addition, Iron Mountain has selected Google Cloud as its preferred cloud provider for artificial intelligence and machine learning, providing Iron Mountain with highly reliable and secure services.

“Whether it’s a global insurance company or an oil and gas conglomerate, our customers depend on us to help make their physical and digital information useful and accessible while keeping it safe,” said William Meaney, president & CEO, Iron Mountain. “This partnership with Google Cloud brings two industry-leading players together to deliver a new category of solutions for organizations looking to utilize their data’s value, while closely managing their security and privacy.”

The new solution, delivered as a subscription service to lower the cost of ownership, will enable organizations to:

  • Quickly Know What You Have – Iron Mountain’s innovative content analytics platform, interoperability with its Iron Cloud™ secure data storage services, and expertise in data analytics and metadata classification;
  • Enhance Intelligence – Google Cloud Platform’s advanced machine learning and leading edge artificial intelligence capabilities; and
  • Drive Value – Apply neural networks and deep learning to deliver high impact outcomes such as revenue creation, cost reduction, risk avoidance – across a wide range of vertical market segments.

 Iron Mountain and Google Cloud will collaborate to enable business growth, compliance and digital transformation initiatives.

This partnership reinforces Iron Mountain’s strategy for meeting the digital transformation needs of its customers through the development of innovative information management solutions and strategic partnerships with market-leading providers of cloud and technology solutions.

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