IronOrbit Helps Companies Move to Remote Work with Cloud Offerings

IronOrbit, provider of virtualization and cloud services for businesses, is successfully helping transition major companies to work-from-home powerhouses through the use of its customized cloud offerings.

"The rapid spread of COVID-19 is alarming," said CEO Alexander Saca. "There's a critical sense of urgency for organizations to respond quickly as government orders restrict gatherings and advocate for people to work from home. IronOrbit has successfully helped thousands of users relocate from corporate offices to remote workspaces in a matter of days. This is a critical time for our community, our country, and our world. Now, more than ever, we must help migrate organizations to a work-from-anywhere platform. We need to support these businesses during these trying times. With our help, they can stay open and remain the backbone of our economy."

Social Distancing is mandatory as the country works together to contain the coronavirus. The key phrase is "work together." 

Working together as a team, the country will effectively contain the spread of COVID-19. Moving to a cloud environment tailored to the unique demands of organization puts a company in a strong position. They're better equipped to handle the current crisis or anything else that comes their way.

Founded in 1997, IronOrbit has helped thousands of companies implement, manage, and improve IT infrastructure.

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