JASK Emerges From Stealth Mode with $12 Million Series A Financing

JASK, an enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) cybersecurity company, has launched with the announcement of $12 million in Series A funding.

According to JASK, while humans are the best defense against cyberattacks today, there is a shortage of candidates to fill cybersecurity roles and many organizations spend too much of their time on common malware infections, leaving them vulnerable to the targeted threats that matter most.

JASK sees three problems with current security operations. First, it says, organizations are becoming more distributed, which stretches and changes the network border. Second, new technologies, such as mobile computing, internet-connected smart devices, provide hackers with an increasing number of attack surfaces. And third, hackers are rapidly developing new forms of attacks. For these reasons, the company says new approaches are needed to allow security operations teams to increase the speed with which they identify and can defend against cyberattacks.

According to Greg Martin, co-founder and CEO of the new company, JASK is dedicated to eliminating the inefficiencies within security operations by equipping security analysts with AI.  In addition, JASK has been designed to complement existing cybersecurity investments, rather than just replace them, said Damian Miller, co-founder and vice president of customer success, JASK, noting that the platform is open and integrates with solutions security operations teams already manage.

JASK aims to use advanced AI to deliver end-to-end network monitoring — identifying and triaging the most relevant attacks, and allowing security analysts to focus their resources on only the most dangerous threats. Its cloud platform uses machine learning and AI that evolve and automate defenses over time to help security operations act with increasing sophistication the longer JASK is in place.

The funding round was led by Dell Technologies Capital along with TenEleven Ventures. Existing investors Battery Ventures and Vertical Venture Partners also contributed. Deepak JeevanKumar, managing director, Dell Technologies Capital; and, Mark Hatfield, managing partner at TenEleven Ventures will join JASK’s board. The funding allows JASK to expand its data science teams, accelerate product development, and focus on ML and AI research.

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