JASK Unveils AI-Enabled Platform for Cyber-Security Threat Identification

JASK, which supports security analysts with artificial intelligence (AI), has announced the general availability of Trident, a new platform to help increase operational efficiency in security operations.

Using AI to facilitate alert triage, malicious behaviors detection, and investigations into those behaviors, Trident enables security operations teams to proactively defend networks with autonomous threat-hunting.

According to JASK, security operations teams are being overwhelmed with security alerts from too many security point-solutions, and traditional triage and investigation processes for sorting through those alerts rely on slow and time-consuming manual responses.

To make security operations more effective in responding quickly to true risks and alerts, JASK Trident monitors networks, surfacing and triaging the most relevant attacks using advanced AI, while providing a clear picture of the attack surface, the company says.

The platform applies machine learning-based analytics to detect potential malicious behaviors by assets and users across the network, and offers modern ad hoc data exploration and visualization capabilities through “notebooks.” In addition, security analysts are able to configure any external and internal context enrichment that operationalizes data aggregation to dramatically reduce time to insight.

JASK Trident is a cloud-based solution available as SaaS model with subscription pricing. JASK Trident is available now, with more information on the product page.