JFrog Acquires Qwak, Forwarding Holistic, End-to-End AI Initiatives

JFrog, the Liquid Software company and creators of the JFrog Software Supply Chain Platform that offers DevOps and DevSecOps solutions, is announcing its recent acquisition of Qwak, the creator of the AI and MLOps platform for delivering AI apps at speed. 

Integrating Qwak’s technology with the JFrog Platform will provide users with a streamlined, intuitive user experience for bringing models to production, paired with model security scanning for greater trust. Designed to alleviate the pains of infrastructure challenges from data scientists and developers, Qwak offers advanced model training and serving capabilities for effective model lifecycle management.

This acquisition comes as a response to the increased need for MLOps functionality in the height of the AI craze, where “next-generation Software Supply Chain platforms will need to expand and natively include MLOps solutions to better serve development organizations,” said Shlomi Ben Haim, CEO and co-founder of JFrog.

“We’re excited to combine Qwak’s MLOps solution with our platform to empower our customers' AI journey. Qwak's solution, powered by JFrog Artifactory as the model registry of choice and JFrog Xray for scanning and securing ML models, will enhance user efficiency and provide a unified platform experience for DevOps, DevSecOps, MLOps, and MLSecOps. We’re looking forward to leaping higher with Qwak’s team!” noted Haim.

JFrog’s acquisition of Qwak will drive innovation on the front of centralizing MLOps with other key infrastructure management areas, offering a holistic ML software supply chain from traditional models to LLMs and generative AI (GenAI). The two entities will work in tandem to provide business continuity and streamlined immigration of jointly developed offerings, according to the companies.

Additionally, the acquisition will expand on the following capabilities:

  • Rapid, seamless model serving into production to improve AI initiatives
  • Model training and monitoring with OOTB dataset management and feature store support
  • Manage models as a package, enabling users to version, manage, and secure models in the same fashion as other software packages in accordance with DevSecOps best practices
  • AI security and provenance built-in to workflows
  • A single source of governed, secure truth, merging ML models with other building blocks, such as containers and Python packages
  • Model lineage tracking for easy recall, retraining, and redeployment in case of error

“Data scientists and ML engineers currently use tools that are mostly disconnected from standard DevOps and Security processes within companies, delaying release timeframes and eroding trust,” said Gal Marder, executive vice president of strategy, JFrog. “A unified system of record across Dev, Sec, ML and Ops will alleviate this pain for digital teams and the business.”

“We’re beyond excited to join the JFrog family and to help customers accelerate their AI initiatives,” said Alon Lev, CEO and co-founder of Qwak. “Our founding vision for Qwak was to change the way software development teams and Data Scientists work together to bring AI assets into production. With the power of the JFrog Software Supply Chain Platform to deliver secure software components at scale, we’re creating a whole new experience that will pave the way for unified digital delivery teams to bring responsible, secured models into their applications much more simply and predictably.”

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