JFrog and Docker Form Partnership to Strengthen Modern Application Development

JFrog, the DevOps company enabling organizations to realize the vision of Liquid Software, is forming a partnership with Docker, a leading provider of collaborative application development platforms for development teams, providing developers unlimited (for SaaS users), high-performance premium access to quality and trusted application components on Docker Hub. The agreement also provides dedicated support mechanisms for mutual customers.

SaaS subscribers of JFrog’s DevOps Platform—including those who use the free subscription offered on AWS, GCP, and Azure—will benefit from uninterrupted, high-performant access to Docker Hub and Docker Official Images through JFrog Artifactory. The partnership delivers:

  • Premier access to trusted, high-quality content in Docker Hub, including Docker Official Images and content from Docker Verified Publishers.
  • An industry-best developer experience for building, sharing, and delivering cloud-native applications.
  • Dedicated channels to support mutual customers.
  • A proven solution used by top Fortune 1000 organizations, ensuring enterprise-grade reliability and performance to meet the requirements of large organizations modernizing their applications with containers, streamlining cloud-native application delivery in the enterprise.
  • A foundation for future collaboration between the companies to make developers’ journeys more joyful.

"We are extremely excited to provide Artifactory users a joint solution that focuses on a first-class flow of containers from the hub to the local registry. JFrog has always prided itself on our ‘too integrated to fail’ approach with our robust, vibrant ecosystem of integration partners," said Shlomi Ben-Haim, co-founder and CEO of JFrog. "We listen to our users and to the community, and strive to provide them with the best experience and maximum freedom of choice around the ecosystem tools they wish to leverage as part of their DevOps processes. Docker Hub is the heart of any container lifecycle and serves modern developers, and we’re proud to offer developers and the cloud-native community an unmatched experience using the ‘Frog and the Whale’ to drive their applications faster.”

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