JFrog to Offer DevOps Platform on AWS and Azure Government Clouds

JFrog has announced that its DevOps Platform tools?JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray—are available with native deployment templates for customers using AWS GovCloud (US) and Azure Government clouds.

Regulated industries and customers who use Government Clouds’ secured environments can use these deployment options along with their existing JFrog self-hosted license. This enables them to take advantage of JFrog’s solutions to streamline their DevOps adoption at scale and to accelerate and secure their software releases.

JFrog Artifactory is a universal software package management and container registry solution, and JFrog Xray provides continuous security and compliance management for open source security vulnerabilities and license scanning. JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray are both part of the JFrog DevOps Platform. Together, Artifactory and Xray are the backbone for enterprises’ DevSecOps efforts and continuous software delivery at scale – particularly for regulated, demanding organizations that must meet strict security, compliance, and data privacy requirements as they build and release software rapidly. Expanding JFrog’s availability across the different public clouds to support native deployments on AWS GovCloud and Azure Government Cloud in multiple regions enables customers to easily deploy JFrog’s DevOps solutions directly on these secured environments.

"Enterprise DevOps, especially within regulated organizations, requires solutions that support the scale, security, compliance, and management requirements of these demanding sectors," said Casey O'Mara, Vice President of Business Development and Global Alliances at JFrog. "We are excited to expand our cloud offering and streamline deployment on the largest government cloud providers. This enables customers in highly regulated industries to seamlessly and continuously build, secure and release software, with the benefits of JFrog’s DevOps solutions in secure cloud environments."

AWS GovCloud customers can use the AWS Marketplace to quickly deploy JFrog’s solutions in the US East and US West regions.

Similarly, Azure Government customers can deploy JFrog’s services from the Azure Marketplace, on any of the following three regions of Azure Government: Arizona, Virginia and Texas. Once deployed, customers on either cloud can then provide their JFrog enterprise subscriptions’ license key(s) to leverage the enterprise-grade capabilities.

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