JackBe Enables DIY BI for Front-Line Decision Makers with Presto 3.5

JackBe, a provider of business Intelligence software, launched Presto 3.5, the latest release of its flagship real-time operational intelligence platform. “The theme around the new release is DIY BI and basically what that means is that we are bringing metrics-driven real-time operational intelligence to front-line decision makers, and we are giving business users more self-service access to real-time KPIs and analytics so they can better assess the business impact of changing conditions as they happen,” Elizabeth Edwards, CMO of JackBe, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

“Business users are being faced with shrinking decision windows and can no longer afford to wait hours or days for IT to create a new report or dashboard,” says Edwards.  “They want to have the tools to build dashboards and visualizations on data that is always changing.”

With Presto 3.5, business users can create real-time operational and KPI-driven apps and dashboards that combine data from a myriad of live enterprise and social media information sources. “Where we differ from traditional BI is that we allow our customers to actually connect to a variety of sources, not just databases. We allow you to connect right into those live sources and allow you to then mash up the data in the way you want to see it to create real time dashboards. The beauty of that is that we don’t require you to move or re-house any of that data and we also allow you to connect to social media data sources.”

JackBe surveyed its customers and learned that nearly 99% of them were building live KPIs to include in their dashboards, notes John Crupi, CTO of JackBe. Because they are live, as data is changing, the dashboards are showing the changes, providing useful insights that are being used by management and C-level executives, he notes.

Presto 3.5 extends its user-friendly interface to include new options to create dashboards through drag-and-drop, to add custom visualizations as easily as plugging in the view, and also to customize Presto with a customer’s own logo and colors. Once created, all Presto dashboards are portable with HTML5 apps that run anywhere, including SharePoint, portals, websites, tablets and mobile phones with the same look-and-feel of the native device. 

Presto 3.5 has also enhanced security for mobile devices and a more secure single-sign-on experience for social media sites. JackBe customers are not simply looking at social media to enable sentiment analysis, they are taking that information and tying it together with their enterprise information, and so the enhanced security for social media is significant, says Crupi.

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