JackBe Presto 3.2 Brings Self-Service BI to Smartphones and Tablets

JackBe has introduced the latest release of its flagship real-time business intelligence platform, Presto 3.2.  The release features broad self-service support to deliver real-time operational dashboards and apps for smartphones and tablets in an intuitive mobile interface for mobile business users.  According to JackBe, unlike other mobile BI solutions that only offer developer-created reports and views, Presto 3.2 supports intuitive self-service through a simple point-and-click approach to create mobile BI solutions from any enterprise and social media data.

Presto automatically detects and adapts to different native environments like smartphones, tablets, browsers, and enterprise portals including SharePoint and Liferay.  Self-service users only need to create their BI solutions once, avoiding the need for a developer for each specialized destination.

"Our customers have told us that smartphones and tablets are increasingly important to their BI strategy, particularly in the more dynamic parts of their organizations where they need access to real-time data wherever they are. To meet this critical need we've brought two great ideas together: make real-time BI solutions easy to assemble and trivial to deploy by adding seamless device support and simple point-and-click tools," said John Crupi, CTO, JackBe. 

Presto 3.2 includes two native iOS Apps, Presto Mobile for iPhone and Presto Mobile for iPad, that give business users an intuitive, secure mobile portal to view, save, and share all of their Real-Time Business Intelligence within a single secure enterprise App.  Presto Mobile for iPhone and Presto Mobile for iPad connect directly with all existing enterprise authorization systems, and are available at no charge from the Apple iStore.

A 90-day Trial Edition of Presto 3.2 is available to members of JackBe's Mashup Develop Community at no charge from