JackBe Unveils Presto Real-Time Analytics Add-On With Terracotta BigMemory

JackBe has released its Presto Real-Time Analytics Add-On With Terracotta BigMemory (RTA Add-On), which bundles Terracotta’s enterprise-grade BigMemory in-memory data management platform for high performance in-memory analytics. According to the vendors, this combination of in-memory and analytics allows Presto to mash big data with live and transactional enterprise data into actionable dashboards faster.

This announcement builds on a partnership between the two companies that was initiated in January of this year, Elizabeth Edwards, chief marketing officer of JackBe, tells 5 Minute Briefing. In the months since then she notes, the two companies have worked on tightly integrating Presto with the Terracotta in-memory platform so JackBe can provide not only Presto but also the in-memory capabilities that Terracotta BigMemory provides, enabling real-time analytics on larger amounts of data to for scale up and scale out.

Customers have told JackBe that they want to get more data into the system but they also want to do more sophisticated, real-time analytics on it, notes John Crupi, CTO, JackBe. The innovation of this partnership, he says, is bringing analytics into the mainstream and enabling it to be run on real-time data against historical data and to interact with it at a much larger scale than was possible to do before. The ability to analyze terabytes of data in-memory and to have live connectivity to enterprise data sources to produce real-time analytics has become critical to customers, he says.

In addition, with Presto RTA Add-On, JackBe has introduced a proprietary real-time analytics query language (RAQL), which allows users to do in-memory analytics against data sets using a SQL-like query language. The SQL-like language is temporal-based so it understands time which is necessary for a real-time system, is SQL-like so it is easy to understand, is pluggable, and is completely dynamic and model-free, says Crupi. 

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