JackBe and Axeda Partnership Enhances Customer Value of M2M Data

JackBe, a provider of real-time intelligence, and Axeda, a cloud-based service and software vendor, have announced a partnership that unifies their complementary technologies to enhance the value of machine-to-machine (M2M) data. Through the JackBe-Axeda partnership, user-driven tooling from JackBe Presto combines with Axeda Machine Cloud’s M2M event processing and data management. The combination of technologies provides organizations with easy-to-use applications designed for business users that combine real-time machine information with other enterprise data in interactive dashboards.

“The power of the machine cloud Axeda provides and the ability to connect all that machine data to other business data is really paramount for these organizations,” Elizabeth Edwards, CMO, JackBe, tells 5 Minute Briefing. The real-time visual analytics are based on combined information from sensor and enterprise data, providing insights and intelligence customers cannot get from sensor data alone. For example, as a result of the collaboration, unscheduled maintenance costs can be reduced through visual performance and event trends that can be used for predictive and diagnostic analytics.

The Axeda Machine Cloud is a cloud-based service for managing connected assets and implementing M2M applications. It includes out-of-the-box device and asset management applications, reducing the cost and complexity of implementing M2M solutions. JackBe Presto combines machine data with other enterprise data into meaningful dashboards and analytics for real-time decision-making. “Two of the biggest use cases are customer portals and predictive maintenance that are driving the need to mash up machine data with business data,” explains Bill Zujewski, Axeda's CMO and executive vice president of product strategy.

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