Jaspersoft 4.2 Delivers Mobile BI Offering

Jaspersoft, a maker of business intelligence (BI) software, has released Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite 4.2  featuring mobile BI capabilities designed to make applications easier to build for developers and easier to use for executives and managers on the move. Jaspersoft 4.2  delivers what the company describes as the industry's first open source mobile BI iOS software development kit (SDK) for embedding BI in native mobile applications as well as for building native mobile BI applications. Jaspersoft 4.2 also includes a full-featured, touch-screen BI environment accessible through a mobile browser for rapid deployment.

The new mobile BI SDK can be used for building native mobile BI applications or for embedding BI into native iOS apps. Also, IT groups can leverage the touch-screen mobile browser to extend traditional BI applications onto the iOS-based iPad tablet.

Jaspersoft is giving "BI builders" more freedom to choose the right mobile BI environment for their business-critical information, says Brian Gentile, CEO of Jaspersoft. "We know the workforce wants an elegant, easy-to-use BI interface, but mobile BI is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution.  Organizations have different requirements for mobile BI, so we built a toolkit for embedded solutions and we're delivering an elegant browser-based answer for traditional IT-based solutions."

The new open source mobile SDK for iOS developers is a first, Gentile notes.  "The mobile development environment provides new APIs and client tools for building native mobile BI applications. So, Jaspersoft's mobile solution offers an environment for application developers and BI professionals, allowing organizations to maximize the advantages offered by their data."