Jaspersoft Announces Native Reporting Offering for Big Data Systems

Jaspersoft today released software to support a variety of Big Data sources for business intelligence reporting. With the release of more than a dozen connectors as part of its open source "Big Data Reporting" project, as well as beta connectors for selected Big Data proprietary databases, Jaspersoft delivers native reporting for Hadoop, NoSQL and MPP analytic databases.

Jaspersoft's architectural flexibility includes the ability to be easily embedded or customized and to be deployed on-premises or in a multi-tenant deployment. These capabilities serve as the perfect foundation for native reporting within any PaaS cloud or hosted integrated development environment. 

Big Data systems are generally recognized as those that provide massive scale-out capabilities for large data volumes in the multiple terabyte and petabyte range. While there has been increasing interest in leveraging this scale of data for BI, according to Jaspersoft, current BI solutions do not offer native connectivity and querying for many of these sources. This makes BI access impractical, says Jaspersoft, since customers want to be able to use the native syntax and query language of the big data system directly rather than have to do a data dump into a separate relational system to do their reporting.

Jaspersoft supports Hadoop via the Hive SQL interface, reading files via HDFS including the Avro file format, as well as via HBase.

 Jaspersoft also offers NoSQL support for broadly recognized major categories of data stores, including Key Value Stores, Document Databases, BigTable Clones, Graph Databases, and Data Grid Caching among others. Jaspersoft's open source projects for reporting against NoSQL technologies include: Cassandra, MongoDB, Riak, HBase, CouchDB, Neo4J, Infinispan, VoltDB and Redis. A non-open source connector is in beta for VMware GemFire. 

In addition, Jaspersoft supports IBM's Netezza MPP analytic database data warehouse and soon will add commercial analysis support. Vertica and EMC Greenplum are also supported.

Jaspersoft's modern architecture and agnostic data source support is tailored for the cloud, from IaaS to PaaS, in public or private, says Brian Gentile, CEO of Jaspersoft. "In particular, NoSQL support puts us in the driver's seat to become the de facto embedded standard for reporting and analysis within PaaS cloud environments."

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